Wedding gift and present ideas – what to spend and what to buy

How much should I be spending on wedding gifts?

If you’re wondering how much to spend on a wedding gift, you’re not alone. While there isn’t too much research available about how much you SHOULD spend, there is some recent data that tells us what people ARE ACTUALLY spending on this happy occasion.

According to the Financial Planning Association’s, Gifts that Give research report, 2019, on average Australians are spending $137 on a wedding gift – which is twice the amount we spend on a significant adult birthday for a friend or family member. It makes it our nation’s biggest gift giving occasion. Want to see some gift ideas under $137? Keep reading for our suggestions below!

What are the best wedding presents?

Well, if you ask the givers, it’s cash and gift cards (44%) or home and garden gifts (26%)[1] that make the best gifts. These are the top two types of gifts normally given – and this is consistent across all generations.

But, if you ask brides and grooms, it’s clear that many (36%)[2] just want you to stick to cash or gift cards  – so they can decide where to spend your money best. It’s no surprise when you consider the cost of weddings these days, which is likely to leave a newly wed couple with not much left over for their new life together, and is evident in ever popular “Wishing wells” you see at just about every reception tent being erected!

But, what if you don’t want to give cash or gift cards at a wedding? What does ‘home and garden gifts actually mean?

Home and garden wedding gifts can include any of the following:

Linen, crockery, dinner sets, pots and pans, knife sets, vases, photo frames, tea sets, towel sets, even paintings and rugs – basically anything that can help furnish a home or make it feel nice and comfortable or that’s practical and you would use in the kitchen especially.

When it comes to ‘garden gifts’ it gets a bit trickier, but could include lovely pots, kitchen garden sets – but its hard to imagine someone gifting a tree, compost bin or shovel as a wedding gift – although my husband would have loved that! And do you want to know why?

Australians prefer practical gifts over personal ones. Interestingly the FPA’s Gifts that Give Research also confirmed that many Australians are
utilitarian, functional, and pragmatic. Two thirds (65%) of us prefer to receive useful, practical gifts above unique, personal ones. This is particularly true of men (74% prefer practical gifts), but also true for more than half of women (56% prefer practical gifts). So in theory perhaps a wheelbarrow would be an ok wedding ‘garden’ gift after all – but still hard to imagine isn’t it!

Wedding gift and present ideas – the jury is in – keep it simple and practical.

At PresentPak, we believe, like the FPA does[3], that when giving gifts, choosing something functional is the way to go along with adopting the theory of LESS IS MORE.

While we want to say we care at a wedding, and feel perhaps our gifts may be judged by the bride and groom – it is always acceptable to give a simple gift. A classic gift that’s practical and will last WILL be appreciated – and that means it doesn’t have to cost you a bomb – so no need to overdo it.

This might finally mean we also have more licence to look past the ‘cash or gift card’ idea – and go our own way with this simple and practical theme in mind. And, we all know that giving cash and gift cards seems simple and sure its practical, but can you get away with spending what you would really like to on this type of gift without being visibly seen as stingy – probably not!

So what Wedding gifts and present ideas do we have to offer you that we think make the grade with all this in mind?

Our home ceramics PresentPak  – large fruit bowl and matching jug. This is a goodie – as even if the happy couple doesn’t like fruit, it’s a great set to put on a shelf in the kitchen or on display.

Our three piece jug and platter delight – I love this one. It all matches and we can see it brought out at casual BBQs and at more formal dinner parties. In neutral slate colour this set is wonderful in all types of home from the more modern to the classic country ones – trust us it’s a winner!

Party cake stand and server PresentPak – who doesn’t need one of these at home. Its all beautifully gift boxed too, so looks very fancy on the wedding gift table. You can even get a variation of this pak that includes a ‘A basket by the door’ recipe book – we’ve had great reviews on this pak, its so homely and comforting. Check it out here.

Another option is Our food lover PresentPak – platter, servers and newly published indigenous themed cook book. A real Aussie beauty of a Present.

We can also put together anything from our range for you  – for example two lovely Turkish handloomed towels and bath and body products. See all our gift paks here.

Happy wedding shopping!

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