When you give a PresentPak to your loved one, you are also helping
provide a present for som
eone else in need.

10% of every PresentPak will go towards making and distributing Essential Living PresentPaks to the Sydney homeless community and to the Older Women’s Network Buy a Brick campaign
ich aims to build housing for older women as part of their efforts to end homelessness. Did you know older women are the fastest growing group to experience homelessness in Australia? It’s sadly almost double the growth rate for people experiencing homelessness in Australia. Research shows that most of these women have never been homeless before. These people could end up being your sister, aunt, mother or grandmother.

So, join with us in making every dollar go further and to spread the gift of giving.

What is in the Essential Living PresentPak?

Our Essential Living Pak includes toilteries and a grocery gift card, all hand packed and by the PresentPak team and delivered to the local homeless community (men and women).

More about older women and why they’re at risk of homelessness more than any other demograhpic:

Women over 55 are at great risk of financial and housing insecurity due issues such as a lack of superannuation, working part time or casually throughout their lives, taking time out of the workforce to care for family, bearing the brunt of the gender pay gap and the difficulty in finding employment as you get older. A life event such as the death of a spouse, serious illness or divorce can push a woman into homelessness. A report released in August 2020 by HAAG and Social Ventures Australia finds that the number of older women at risk of homelessness in Australia is a staggering 405,000. This includes 165,000 women aged between 45 – 55 years and 240,000 women aged 55 years and over.
A key solution is affordable, appropriate, safe, permanent housing.
So help us buy a brick for these women in need. If you want to spread the word or purchase
additional bricks click here.