Are ‘non-stuff’ gifts the gold benchmark of gift giving?

To answer this question, we first need to define what a ‘non-stuff’ gift is. To us, and many others its a gift that is useful or consumable and doesn’t end up as clutter. It might seem weird that we’re endorsing non-stuff gifts as a gift giving store, but to us the idea makes a lot of sense. ⁠

Giving a great gift means giving something you have put thought into. Do they need it? Will they use it? Is it meaningful?⁠

If your gift meets this criteria you are onto a winner. If your gift is just going to add to someone’s stuff..then well, maybe you should rethink what you are doing. Don’t worry we have all been there!⁠

When we started PresentPak it was my aim to ensure ‘no clutter’ was in our gift paks – just things that spoke for themselves – that were quality, that someone would want, use AND be gifts that anyone would feel proud giving to a loved one. ⁠

No fillers, no jams, chutneys or random crackers in a hamper of gift pak…I hope thats ok….⁠

I want everyone that shops with us to know where thier gift came from, who made it, how much care went into it and feel that it was sent with love. ⁠
⁠So, even if you are in a rush to find that perfect gift you can rest assured that shopping with us will feel well thought out to anyone who receives it. ⁠

Australian wherever possible, simple, thoughtful. I hope thats what we will continue to stand for where gifts are concerned! Its challenging but worth it.⁠

To find out more about non-stuff gifts here are a few resources for you. Happy reading!