Is more still more when it comes to gift giving? A PresentPak recent dilemma.

Regrets or reaffirmations
I was just thinking about whether I had really made the right decision to set up PresentPak the way I did. Over the past couple of weeks, I have had a few people, who I really respect, say to me that people don’t really care what’s in a gift hamper – they just care about it looking like its valuable to the person they are giving it to.

I’ve had a couple say, do people care that you have painstakingly found Australian made products for your hampers? Doesn’t that just make it more expensive to buy and sell? Do you think people look at your hampers and think they aren’t full enough? They need more trinkets and fillers don’t you think? Look at what you are competing with – they get 5 items and you have 3 in your gift boxes…doesn’t it worry you?
Well, you know it did at first. I always knew what I was doing was not the norm in gift giving, but when it’s said out loud by people you trust – well it did rock my confidence, I must admit!

But, as I was out walking before in this horrid rain (that seems like it will never stop) – I just thought – no its right…it has to be right. What I am doing with PresentPak has to be the future of gift giving – doesn’t it? In fact, for me the future of gift giving will be even simpler, even more minimal, and will be filled with more purpose and less ‘stuff’ or things. Even ‘barer’ (yes, another comment!) than PresentPak is now.

Less is more normally..but what about in gift giving?
A lot of people have adopted the notion of ‘less stuff’ in their own lives, but when it comes to giving, we haven’t quite applied the same philosophies…yet.
Less surely will be more when we give gifts in the future – won’t it? Quality over quantity we have adopted already somewhat, but knowing where gifts come from, how they were made, will be important to people receiving things from others. I really do believe it. Don’t you?

Will storytelling help people ‘declutter’ when it comes to gift giving or gift receiving?
I’ve been thinking it’s time to tell more of the PresentPak story to the recipients of my gifts. So, they know that the person who bought them for them does care – even if their present has 2 items in them instead of 4.

They have chosen something Australian, probably hand-made, that supports many small businesses. They have chosen things that they know were made with love and they know who made them. They have chosen to give you less ‘stuff’, to give you something more meaningful, and of quality.

In doing this, your gift giver is showing you how much they think of you. They are going that extra mile, paying that extra dollar it takes to buy the right thing – something that is either consumable, or will give you joy for a long time, rather than only instant gratification.

A lesson from Marie Kondo
I was just reading an article about minimalism – and I admit – I am not a full minimalist – but I admire the movement and can see its benefits, and try to adopt it where I can. Anyway..back to my story…this article I was was talking about Marie Kondo (you know the decluttering, ‘find joy’ expert?). It was talking about her philosophy on avoiding clutter – and it said that to her its about “making a conscious effort to buy what you think you’ll get the most use out of and trying not to impulse buy.” This article went on to say, that the movement behind Marie Kondo and minimalism is to maybe “save up longer to buy something, or not buy throwaway furniture – things that you’re really going to treasure and love. To really be a bit more conscious about what we’re buying and whether it aligns with how we want to live or who we are.”
Is PresentPak on the right pak? Let me know!
So, when I read things like this, I think yep, PresentPak is right. Its right for the future. I just hope you can support me long enough for everyone to see it!
Simple, Australian, minimal, non-stuff gifts that people will enjoy and thank you for – that’s what PresentPak is about…

Happy ‘conscious’ shopping!

P.S. Here is that article I was case you want to have a read yourself!